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Strong Unsinkable Design, Built For Any Adventure

Compass Boats: Embark on Daily Escapes with Unsinkable Assurance and Superior Performance

Compass Boats are perfect for daily family outings, watersports, fishing trips, and exploring coastal waters. With customisable options and reliable construction, they ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all your boating adventures.


Since 2022, Boatworld has proudly served as the UK distributor for Compass Boats, a reputable Greek brand with a rich history. Founded in Athens in the late 1960s by brothers Dimitris and Markos Samouhos, Compass Boats has established itself as a significant player in the marine industry. Over the decades, the company has grown and evolved, continually enhancing its manufacturing techniques and expanding its product line. Today, Compass Boats offers an impressive range of 13 different boat models, each reflecting the brand’s commitment to quality and innovation. Boatworld’s partnership with Compass Boats brings these exceptional vessels to the UK market, providing customers with access to high-quality, reliable boats backed by decades of expertise.


All new Compass boat models are designed using advanced 3D CAD technology, ensuring cutting-edge innovation and precision in their development. These models are constructed to comply with the latest EU directives and meet all ISO standards, guaranteeing high quality and safety. Before final production, prototypes are meticulously crafted using foam blocks precisely cut by Compass’s in-house CNC machine, achieving a remarkable tolerance of just 1mm. This high level of accuracy ensures a perfect fit for all components, resulting in outstanding sea-keeping capabilities. The meticulously mirrored surfaces of the hull design contribute to the exceptional performance and stability of Compass boats.

S4 Construction

For over 50 years, Compass Boats has focused on making high-quality, trouble-free boats. Their unique “Compass S4” construction method is key to this. It involves adding a third moulded part to the hull before the final assembly. This part, tailored for each model, includes all the reinforcing structures and storage spaces.

The S4 method has several benefits:

  1. Strength and Durability: It creates an extremely rigid and robust boat that is unsinkable.

  2. Increased Storage: It maximises internal storage with smooth, glossy spaces that are easy to clean.

  3. Quality and Safety: The precise design and construction ensure higher quality, safety, and less reliance on wood, making the boats more durable and reliable.

Overall, the S4 method makes Compass boats stronger and safer.


At Boatworld, we ensure the best experience from build to launch with Compass boats. You can personalise your boat with a wide range of add-on accessories, including packages with outboards and trailers. Boatworld and our two dealerships on the South Coast and in Wales can get your boat ready for use by fitting and running the outboard, adding extra accessories, and lifting it onto a trailer. You can either collect your boat or have it delivered directly to you. Plus, every Compass boat comes with the peace of mind of a three-year warranty.


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