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Wakeboard Towers – All Your Questions Answered

Wakeboard Towers – All Your Questions Answered

Wakeboard Towers can be a big investment to add to your boat. With considered purchases come lots of questions. Continue reading our guide or watch our handy video to get all your questions answered. If we haven’t covered everything you wanted to ask, just give us a call. We have several experts who can answer any other questions you may have.


What is a Wakeboard Tower?

A Wakeboard tower is a brilliant bit of kit which mounts onto your boat to make water sports easier, also making your boat look amazing in the process. They are made out of tubular, aircraft-grade aluminium and they give you a high towing point. The towing point is about six to eight feet above the height of the deck on your boat.

This means that if you are going to be taking someone wakeboarding, it’s easier to get them up and out of the water. This is due to the high angle of the tow point which creates more lift. It also means that if you are performing any tricks or jumps at the back of the boat, it will help you to get ‘more air’ (more height). Wakeboard towers are also great for many other watersports such as water skiing and kneeboarding.




Will a Wakeboard Tower fit on my boat?

The Boatworld range of wakeboard towers will fit a wide variety of boats. Our towers fit boats with a width of between 66in (1.67m) and 108in (2.74m) which means they will fit anything from a quite narrow, to a beamy boat.

They are designed to go onto a GRP deck and hull and fitting them is really straightforward. We even have a narrow and standard sized option on our Vertigo tower range to cater for boats that in the past haven’t been able to have a tower fitted due to the narrowness of their boat.

Is it easy to fit a Wakeboard Tower?

To fit your new wakeboard tower, the best method is to assemble your tower to the side of the boat. Using a tape measure, you can estimate the width of the tower, there is a telescopic beam across the centre of all the towers so you can adjust to the width required for your boat. This means they are easily adjustable. Typically it would take 2 people, 3 to 4 hours and you’ll require a basic toolset, including a drill to do this.

How much does it cost to install a Wakeboard Tower?

To fit your wakeboard tower it would cost between £100- £150 for a professional to fit. We do provide step by step instructions with our towers, so people who like the challenge, and consider themselves as ‘handy’ would be able to fit a wakeboard tower themselves, with the help of a second person to hold the tower in place whilst drilling.

What’s the difference between Boatworld Wakeboard Towers?

We sell 2 wakeboard towers here at Boatworld. The Vertigo wakeboard tower and the Mustang wakeboard tower. The difference between the two is mainly height related.

The Mustang is the higher tower. There is a rail on which the vertical legs are mounted this means it is will be between 10-12 inches higher in terms of the tow point depending on the mounting.

The Vertigo has a more aerodynamic design. It sits lower on the boat than the Mustang and over the past 8 years has been our best-selling tower.





What is the difference between anodised and polished?

Our wakeboard towers are made of aircraft-grade (T6) aluminium and they come both in an anodised and a polished finish. The anodised finish is the perfect option if you’re taking your boat to the sea. This finish is specially designed to be resistant to saltwater corrosion. If you’re going on freshwater lakes, then the polished finish is a good and slightly cheaper option.

If you did have a polished tower and wanted to take your boat on the sea, as a one-off, then just make sure you wash your tower down as soon as you are off the sea. This will stop the salt from causing any unwanted damage to your tower.

Can I put my watersports equipment on my Wakeboard Tower?

Another great feature of our wakeboard towers is that they can declutter the cockpit of your boat. Simply because you can fix racks to them to carry your boards and other equipment. We do a range of racks for water skis, wakeboards, kneeboards and a wake surf rack as well.

All our racks come in either an anodised or polished finish and we also sell Wakeboard adapters which mean that you don’t need to have a Boatworld wakeboard tower to fit our racks to your tower. They are compatible with other tower brands like Monster Wakeboard Towers.





Will My Boat Cover Still Fit My Boat With a Tower?

When someone has fitted a wakeboard tower to their boat, they often look at their tower and think that’s great, but do I now have a problem putting a cover on the boat?

The chances are that the cover will no longer fit with your tower on the boat. But… there is a way around this. We stock a range of covers which have a Velcro T slot in them and they simply go around the legs of your tower and attach to the deck.






Wakeboard Videos
If you would like to watch our snippet videos. Check them all out on our YouTube Channel.

Need any more information?

If we can help you with anything else, please feel free to head over to our website or give us a call via +44 (0)1246 453 815 we have team members who have towers that are fitted to there boats who can help you with any kind of question.

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