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Vee Air Deck Floor vs Air Matt With Keel Floor

Vee Air Deck Floor vs Air Matt With Keel Floor

Which Air Floor is Better?

When you are searching for an inflatable boat you will find a myriad of different floor options available. From Aluminium and Ply Wood floors to the lighter and easier to construct Air Deck options, but what is the difference between an Air Matt inflatable keel floor and the Boatworld standard Integral Vee Air Deck Floor?

First, let’s discuss the main differences between the 2 different types of air floor for boats.

Air Matt Floors

To start with here at Boatworld we like to be fair and give the customer a real view of why you would like a certain type of floor. The problem we have with this style air floor is that it isn’t a real air floor or air deck boat. Meaning that the air floor isn’t built into the boat.

One of the main reasons you want an air deck is so you do not have to build it up or take it apart. Yet, with an air matt floor, you are sacrificing the ease of an air deck as well as the rigidity and stability too.

The other thing is because the boat is lighter than an alloy or plywood floor boat, you should just be able to roll up an air deck and carry it easily without big bits of the floor or the worry about dropping anything. A good air deck boat is all integral which this style is not!

Air Matt Floors -boat floors
Air Matt Floors

As you can see from the diagram above, the floor does not hold any structural rigidity over the boat. This means that the overall effect is “wobblier” than you would expect.

Integral Vee Air Deck Floors

The Integral V Air Deck floors are probably the second most popular boat range at Boatworld. Just behind the Boatworld 330 Pro ( Alloy Floor). This style of floor offers lightweight transportation as well as being solid and manoeuvrable on the water. The only solid parts on these boats are the transom and the oars, meaning that packing away is easy and all you have to do to assemble it is blow it up. (and if you buy a Boatworld air deck you get an excellent 20psi stirrup pump.)


The Air Floor version comes into is own because of its portability and ease of storage. The stability given in conventional inflatable dinghies by the slatted floor, is instead provided by a 2-section inflatable (Drop Stitched) chamber which incorporates both the deck of the boat and the keel below. This makes the boat lift higher out of the water giving a much softer ride in choppy conditions and cushioning the impact of rougher rides.

Comparing the Boat Floors

As you can see from the comparison above the Integral Vee Air deck Floor comes out above the air matt floors on many points.

  • Ease of set up
  • Stability
  • Rigidity
  • Smoother ride
  • All in one piece
  • Price (more below)

Some Air Matt floors are cheaper than Integral Vee Air Deck boats. Which can only really be expected because of the extra work, skill, craftsmanship and design that goes into every boat here at Boatworld we have bucked the trend.

Our Integral Vee Air Deck boats start at only £499.



Ending Points

Some people worry about buying an air floor because they think it might be prone to punctures. However, just like the tubes of the boat, the floor is very solid. To get a fishing hook to puncture the floor just like the tubes you would need to apply a lot of force. If you are still worried about puncturing the floor a small bit of wood or carpet could be put down as a table to work on.

If you have any more questions about anything mentioned in this blog please feel free to get in touch.

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