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Recommended Inflatable Towables

Recommended Inflatable Towables

Towable Tubes

What do Hotdogs, Deck tubes, Ringos and Cock-pit tubes all have in common? Well, they are all Inflatable Towables, and they all offer a fantastic, easy way to get on the water with little or no skill. Every one can tube, and some would even say it’s the most fun you can have on the water. Towable tubes are great fun for kids and adults alike. The only thing that can be hard to find is a good boat driver. So let’s look and compare some of the Different Towable Styles on Offer.

Cockpit Tubes

Cockpit Tubes are great for kids and adults who are just starting. The enclosed cockpit gives the feeling of security, and if the boat driver is sensible, you should never get flung out of your seat. You can get a massive range in cockpit towables from 1 – 3 or even 4 seaters. Here at Boatworld, we tend always to keep 2 and 3 seaters in stock. We have a great low-cost option. Which is based on our excellent Tally-O tube. The Vortex Duo. Key features: 
  • 2 Riders
  • 840D Nylon cover
  • Quick Connect
  • Boston Valve
  • 4 Handles
Only £99.95  On the higher end of the spectrum, we have this excellent 3 seater offering from HO. The HO Tubes comes into its own with the 3 seats as well as having very comfortable seats. The seats are supported by a backrest and have softshell tech floors to protect you from the whip of the wake. Features:
  • 3 Riders
  • Squared back for stability
  • Fully covered Heavy Duty PVC
  • Quick Connect
Only £199.00

Hot Dogs

Hot Dogs are a great step up. Everyone loves a “Water Weenie”.  This sort of Towable requires a lot less speed than, say, a deck tube so that it can be used on pretty much all boats, including the slower ones. The Hot Dog range we sell is a fully covered tube. We always keep the 2, 3 and 5 rider Hot dogs in stock. We also do a 6 man commercial-grade Big Dog. Check out our Hot Dog selection:            2 Rider  3 Rider  5 Rider.  

Airhead Hot Dog

The Boatworld 6 Man Water Sled.

Boatworld Water Sled 6 Man is the choice of professional beach operators, clubs, beach hotels and anyone looking for heavy-duty use from a towable. Boatworld Water Sled 6 Man features:
  • Made of Super tough 0.9mm PVC heavy-duty material.
  • Hang on handles and non-slip seat pads.
  • 2 x Gorilla strength tow bridles.
  • Pump & repair Kit supplied as standard.
  • Length 560cm

Deck Tubes

I would say that deck tubes are the most fun you can have on the water. The deck style is fast, easy to flip and a barrel of laughs. I personally think they are the best because you can get so much speed up and whip behind the boat they can be a real challenge to hang. With the right boat driver, they can be a real laugh. However, deck tubes can be good for all ages. You just have to be a bit more careful for the younger riders.  We have a variety of deck tubes in stock ranging from 1 rider up to 4 riders.

The best budget deck tube; The Airhead Strike

The Airhead Strike features:
  • 54″ (137cm) Diameter
  • Fully covered
  • 1 Adult or 2 small children
  • 4 Handles
Only £89.00

Our Choice

Now the Strike is a great bit of kit, and it hits a nice price point, but we do sell a deck tube which, in our opinion, is far superior. The NEW Boatworld Super Skimmer. The skimmer, a good old classic round deck tube, 70 inches in size, can fit 3 adults comfortably. And tapered down by 6 inches at the back, for when one of you go for a swim, makes boarding a lot easier. Boatworld Super Skimmer Features:
  • 70″ (177cm) Diameter
  • 3 Riders
  • Fully covered
  • Kwik connect
  • Tapered at the back (easy to get back on when you fall off)
  • Boston valve
Only £139.95


Ringos are usually the first tube anyone gets on the water in. They usually hit a great price point, as well as having some of the capabilities of a deck tube. The flat bottom means you can get some whip on the wake. But they also have a hole in the middle of the tube, which means they can be good for children as they give a safe and secure feeling, sort of like a cockpit tube. They are sort of a hybrid tube that can handle a bit of anything.

Best Low-Cost Tube – Boatworld Vortex

For the last few years at Boatworld, we have sold a hugely successful tube called the Tally-O. Unfortunately, that tube has now come to an end, but we have a new offering in the marketplace. The Boatworld Vortex. This is a great tube for only £55. Boatworld Vortex Features: 
  • 1 Rider
  • 54″ (137cm) Diameter
  • Kwik connect
  • Boston Valve
  • Partially covered 420D nylon cover
  • 4 Handles
Only £59.95

Airhead Blast

The Airhead Blast is very similar to the Vortex. It has more explosive graphics and is from our favourite manufacturer of tubes Airhead. Airhead Blast features:
  • 54″   (137cm) Diameter
  • Kwik connect
  • Boston valve
  • 1 Rider
Only £75.00

Best Selling Inflatable Towables

The best selling tube we have is none of the styles we have mentioned above. The best seller is the Sportsstuff Poparazzi. This is known as a concept tube. While the Poparazzi looks like a strange contraption, it makes up for in one massive area, FUN!!!! The tube is completely steerable, meaning you can get the tube going against the wake, which only adds to the thrills and spills of tubing. Here a some of the Sportsstuff Poparazzi features;
  • High Rise Tower on Rear Deck
  • Unique Rocker Bottom Construction
  • Heavy-Duty Full Nylon Cover with Zipper
  • Patented Aluminum Quick Connect Tow Point
  • Patented Speed Safety Valve
  • Self Bailing Drain Vent
  • Double Webbing Foam Handles with Knuckle Guards
  • 3 EVA Foam Body Pads for maximum comfort
  • Wide Wing Span Construction Allows for Tight Turns and Maneuverability

Where to Buy Inflatable Towables

In conclusion, we carry an unbelievable amount of stock in different towable styles, and we have a towable which will suit everyone. Hopefully, this blog has explained a bit more about which towable you need or want. If you follow the above guidelines, you will always have a day on the water worth remembering. If you need more help, please get in touch with our helpful team, who knows pretty much everything about watersports. Email: [email protected]  

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