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Sportsstuff Gyro

Sportsstuff Gyro


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Prepare for some serious tumbling excitement with this unique towable that you won’t find anywhere else! The bullet-shaped GYRO will be sent into a spin with a simple turn of the boat. The stainless steel swivel tow system allows the GYRO to roll over and over again with the rider inside while they watch all the action through the port hole at the front of the tube. The GYRO is constructed of heavy-duty K80 PVC featuring the patented Speed Safety Valve so you can inflate and deflate this state-of-the-art towable in no time at all. Riders simply hold on to the molded PVC handle system located in the front of the tube and enjoy the ride. Watch out, not for the faint of heart!

Specifications: Length X Width Deflated: 56in. x 37in. (142cm x 93cm) Max Capacity: 1 Rider Tow Point: Stainless Steel Swivel Tube Style: Other


360° swivel tow point Transparent Body for Rider Visibility Viewing Porthole Heavy-Gauge PVC Construction One Chamber Inflation Speed Safety Valve Molded Handle System Barrel Rolling Functionality

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Weight6000 g


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3 reviews for Sportsstuff Gyro

  1. 5 out of 5

    Nick S

    It’s designed to roll over and over with the rider hanging on for dear life – hence the nickname “Vomit Comet”. It has a stainless pivot on the front of it. From a boat drivers point of view, it’s not as dangerous to tow as it looks, it actually spins out a lot less than a tube – it has a nice rolling action as it goes over the wake.

    I gather from Internet reviews that it depends on the weight of the rider. The heavier the rider, the more it rolls. But the rider also has some control and can lean inside it.

    Inside, it has 4 grab handles, so you can hold on to any you can managed to grasp! Talking of inside, here is a shot of inside using a cheap Chinese GoPro copy:
    Anyway, it was a blast. He got out and said “Best Christmas present ever!

  2. 5 out of 5


    The kids love how it twist and rolls across the wakes and just doesn’t skim across the top of them like other towables. They jumped right in, held onto the handles, and laid there for the ride as long as they could hold on. Everyone kept asking us what kind of towable it was.
    Only negative, a little one, is that I had to purchase a chain connecting link because the swivel was too small for any tow rope or rope connector to connect to it.

  3. 5 out of 5


    I had this towable for 3 or 4 seasons, I’m fixing to puchase a new one, would have lasted much longer but another boat ran over it because they weren’t looking where they were going. Repeat purchase that should tell you something right there…….
    This is a serious attitude adjuster for anyone getting on your boat that says “Ohhh I can take whatever you want to throw at me, BRING IT!!!!”
    Well if they are over 140 pounds or so, you can just smile and say hop in and hold on while you can, lol
    I bet they come flying out around your first curve. When pulling this behind the boat you will need to make long over exaggerated turns so that the towable has time to start rolling and works best on a smooth lake instead of choppy. Takes a little more of a long steady turn to get this rolling than a regular style tube. The heavier the rider the more they will roll, get a full size man at 200 in there and ohh yeah, its on.
    Little kids, not so much, if they don’t weigh much this thing is almost impossible to roll, it will glide like a regular tube and you’ll just have to do 360’s until it starts rolling and it still may not happen.
    I love it for my teenagers and their friends that want a crazy ride.
    The other review is right though if your pulling little kids its hard to tell if they come out of it, but if your pulling an adult, well…. your going to see their butt skipping across the lake like a thrown rock haha, no missing that.
    Well here’s my two cents, hope it helps.

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