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ZUP Watersports Board

ZUP Watersports Board

ZUP Watersports Board

In a world crammed full of different kneeboards, towable’s, waterskis and wakeboards it can get a bit confusing which bit of equipment is best for your boat without trying to fill your boat with every watersport’s toy going. However today we are going to be talking about the different uses and variations of the great Zup Watersports board.

Who Makes The Zup?

The Zup was invented by Glen Duff and Tim Zecker after they went on a boating day with their church group and found that not everybody can successfully ski or wakeboard. As lots of people struggle to do traditional watersports Glen and Tim had a lightbulb moment. What if we design a board that everyone can use from a beginner to advanced. The Zup was born and the slogan everyone getszup (gets up) is now a reality.

Here at Boatworld, we picked up the UK Distributorship in September 2013 ready for the start of the new season in 2014. After initial success with the ZUP board, we have expanded the range and will keep on doing into next season.

The first board we introduced into the UK market was the YouGotThis 1.0 board.

Zup YouGotThis 1.0 Board

The Zup YouGotThis board is the perfect board for beginners to intermediate riders or someone who wants easy fun behind a boat (without getting too wet) This is perfect for cutting down on the amount of equipment you have to cram onto your boat. We all know that space is a virtue when out boating.

The ZUP YouGotThis 1.0 is a durable Roto Molded board which is pretty much bulletproof. Please don’t shoot your boards to see if this is true but it will take a being dropped and scratched much better than your regular wakeboards and skis. Because this board is Roto moulded, it means that the board is hugely buoyant and pretty much anyone could sit on the board while not moving and still be afloat.

The Zup YouGotThis 1 board has a large and very comfortable non-skid EVA foam deck allowing for multiple foot and body positions.  The foot straps are very useful not only for putting your feet in while standing on the board but for elbow pads when you are lying down and kneepads for when you are kneeboarding. Also, built in the Zup YouGotThis 1.0 is an integrated kneeboard hook so no need to even hold onto the rope.

At Boatworld we offer a range of different Zup packages

Zup YouGotThis 1.0 Board only

Zup YouGotThis 1.0 Boatworld package C/W a Boatworld kneeboard rope

Zup YouGotThis 1.0 Boatworld ultimate package C/W Zup Double handled rope   (double handled rope explained further down the page)

Zup YouGo Board

With the ZUP YouGo Board you are moving up slightly in ability and performance from the standard ZUP Watersports Board. Without the foot straps of the standard ZUP board, it is more for the freestyle rider. With the ZUP You Go Board you can lie, kneel, stand, wakesurf, rest, do 360’s, ride backwards etc with a little more purpose due to it’s smaller size and built-in fin design!

The Zup YouGo is the same construction as the Zup YouGotThis 1.0 so it is very durable. The good thing about this board is it is more manoeuvrable than the YouGotThis allowing fun from beginners all the way to avid watersports fans that will enjoy being able to tricks with the thinner profile of the board. The YouGo doesn’t have any footstraps.

Here at Boatworld, we offer 2 different Zup YouGo packages.

Zup DoMore 1.5

Not enough storage in your boat to fit all your gear or tired to drag those hefty skis in and out every single day? The Zup DoMore 1.5 is your all-in-one solution! Ready to be used as a kneeboard, ski, wakeskate/board AND wakesurfer, this lightweight board adds a whole new dimension to multifunctionality. Compression moulded out of PU foam and fibreglass, this family focused board can be used with great variety. Suited for all skill levels but is aimed more towards the more capable watersports enthusiasts.

This is a brand new board and Boatworld will be selling it throughout the 2019 season.

The Zup Double Handled Rope

Introducing the new ZUP DoubleTow Handle & Rope!
Designed for the new ZUP.™ Watersports Board, but also plays well with other towable watersports (Skis, Wakeboards, etc.)
When starting out, this handle takes all the strain out of the ride by connecting directly to the ZUP.™ Board! When you want to change your riding position or just need a relaxing break, ZUP DoubleTow Handle & Rope makes it easy and safe to reattach your Tow Rope to the ZUP.™ Board.
ZUP Double Tow Handle & Rope FACTS:

  •     Lime-Yellow float on the handle makes it highly visible in the water
  •     60′ low-stretch Poly-E Mainline

Patent Pending.

Designed & Manufactured in the USA.


We have a Zup board for everyone’s needs and we are only at the other end of the phone if need a hand deciding on what board you suits your needs.

[email protected]

Tel: 01246 453815

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