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Waterski Pylon Pros and Cons

Waterski Pylon Pros and Cons

What is a Waterski Pylon?

Everyone who has bought a boat envisages themselves doing water sports and teaching the family to ski and having weekends full of fun. Lots of specifically designed towing boats will already have a tower or a pylon for high towing because that is the main use of that type of boat. But most people especially if this is your first boat, can’t afford a tournament ski boat or want to see how they find the experience before investing a large amount of money on a boat.

A waterski pylon is a cheap way to make the most out of your boats skiing capability. As well as making getting out of the water from the skiers perspective much easier.

A Waterski Pylon is the first thing you should install (apart from a Wakeboard tower) on your boat. These pylons offer a high towing point not only for waterskiing but for towable tubes and wakeboarding. Our Waterski pylons have an extendable height range and are very easy to fit.

Boatworld, Water Ski Pylon, Wakeboard, tubing
Boatworld Waterski Pylon



What benefits do I get from a Waterski Pylon?

A waterski pylon offers you a lot of advantages over towing a skier or a tuber.

  • Firstly the higher towing point creates less drag for the boat meaning performance and turning will be improved while also using less fuel.
  • The high towing point also makes getting out of the water on a pair of waterskis or wakeboard much easier for all ages.
  • A ski pylon will facilitate jumps for a good wakeboarder giving you some real air time.
  • Keeps the rope away from your propeller.

What boat can I put a waterski Pylon on?

Anything. We have had people buy our ski pylon for all sorts of watercraft. From RIBSs and SIBS to Mastercraft and Searay boats. If you are wondering if a pylon would fit on your boat please feel free to get in contact with our friendly and helpful team.

Where do I buy this great product from?

Just follow this link and order yours for next day delivery.  https://www.boatworld.co.uk/boats/ski-pylons-biminis/xcite-adjustable-water-ski-pylon

Jet Ski Pylon

But the great ideas do not stop at pylons for boats we also stock pylons for jetskis giving all the advantages as above but on a jetski.

Jet ski Pylon, Waterski, Towable
Boatworld Jet Ski Pylon

Want to Know more about Our fantastic range of Pylons. Just visit our online store or ask a question via Social media by clicking the links below. Our team will be happy to help you find the right pylon for your needs.



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  • John Mascali Reply

    Hello, I have a 2001 sea Ray 210 and do not want to invest in a wakeboard tower but would very much like to gain the height for playing with toys on the water. Do you have a wakeboard pole that would work for me?

    15 April 2021 at 9:54 pm

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