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Southampton Boatshow 2019 – Boatworld Stand

Southampton Boatshow 2019 – Boatworld Stand

Find The Boatworld Stand At Southampton Boatshow 2019

Stand FO15 – Mayflower Park – September 13-22

As the Southampton Boatshow 2019 edges closer and closer and the enquiries come in about what we are going to be taking we thought it would be nice to put together a show preview so you can do some pre-window shopping before we see you at the show.

Boatworld will be our usual spot, in Mayflower Park, stand FO15 opposite Marine Superstore and a stone’s throw away from the Gin & Rum Cocktail Bar, handy.

At this years Southampton Boatshow, Boatworld will be Showcasing:

  • our Boatworld range of SIBS and our Orca 4 stroke,
  • electric and propane outboard engines.
  • Launching the Elling KB 350 Air Floor Inflatable Boat
  • Lucky Fish Finders
  • FASTen Universal Mounting Systems by Borkia
  • August Race Marine Valeting Products
  • Boatworld Towables; Vortex and Vortex Duo
  • Our new range of Neo Impact Vest
  • Blu Thru Engine Flush Kits
  • Our range of Charger SUP’s
  • and the Zup You Got This 1.0 All-In-One Watersports Board

Southampton Boatshow 2019 Showcases Our Range of Inflatable Boats

Our Boatworld Inflatable Boats range from 2.3m to 4.0m in length in various floor options; Slatted, Alloy and Airdeck. We will be showcasing our new to this season 360 Fisher Pro, our ever-expanding range of Vee Air Deck Boats and our top-selling SL range with 230 & 330 slatted floor models and our Pro Alloy Floor range of boats in both 230 models and 330 in various colours.

Boatworld 360 Fisher Pro.

At Boatworld we have designed the 360PRO with the fisherman in mind. At 360cm long and with a beam of 175cm it gives you plenty of room aboard for 4 adults and kit. The 360PRO comes fitted with 9 x Borika FASTen universal mounts as standard, so you can mount a range of equipment outboard the cockpit.

We have positioned these FASTen mounts so it’s also easy to fit a Borika A-Frame on the boat should you wish. The FASTen mounts are also assembled with webbing grab lines between them and there are 4 further grab handles on either side at the bow. A nice touch is the stainless-steel D ring fitted to the inside base of the bow tube to tether the end of an anchor line or boarding ladder too.

Here is the whole range of Boatworld Boats which we will be showing at the Southampton Boatshow so take note and come and take a look. They’ll all be blown up and on display so you can get a feel for what you’ll need.

Vee Airdecks – The perfect tender; lightweight, quick to assemble and fast on the plane


Boatworld Inflatable Air Deck 250 Boatworld Inflatable Air Deck 270 Boatworld Inflatable Air Deck 300 Boatworld Inflatable Air Deck 330 Boatworld Inflatable Air Deck 360
More InfoMore InfoMore InfoMore InfoMore Info


Pro Alloy Floor – The perfect fishing companion; nonslip alloy floor and inflatable keel for getting on the plane


Boatworld 390 Fisher ProBoatworld 330 ProBoatworld 230 Pro
Red/BlackBlack, White or GreenBlack or White
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Slattered Floor – The ideal lake cruiser and tender; wooden slattered floor, quick to assemble and easy to stow away.


Boatworld 230 SLBoatworld 230 SLD TenderBoatworld 250 SLD TenderBoatworld 275 SLD TenderBoatworld 330 SL
More InfoMore InfoMore InfoMore InfoMore Info


As well as our range of Boatworld Boats we will also be showcasing the Elling KB-350 Trimaran Air Floor Inflatable Boat.

The unique patented design of this boat makes it super stable and super fast. The secret lies in the floor section, a large central keel with trim tabs on the oversize 50cm tubes makes for a rock-solid platform. More info here

Our Range of Outboard Engines

To complement our boats we have our Orca 4-Stroke Outboards. We have the 1.2hp, 2.5hp, our top-selling 6hp, 9.9hp and 15hp with Electric Start with our prices starting at £189.95.


Orca 1.2hp Outboard EngineOrca 2.5hp Outboard EngineOrca 6hp Outboard EngineOrca 9.8hp Outboard EngineOrca 15hp Outboard Engine
More InfoMore InfoMore InfoMore InfoMore Info


Low Emission Boat Engines

We will also very excited to be launching out low emission range or engines, we will be showcasing our new 6hp Propane Outboard Engine and 58lbs Electric Outboard.

Using new clean technology, the Orca Propane Powered 6hp emissions brings you 12 per cent less carbon dioxide, about 20 per cent less nitrogen oxide, up to 25 per cent fewer greenhouse gases, and up to 60 per cent less carbon monoxide in an engine that is smoother and more responsive than petrol.

Using BioLPG you can make an ever greener choice! The Orca 6hp Propane outboard is convenient to store and use, offering the power you need to hit the water with confidence.

This Orca 6hp engine is compact with a large carrying handle, making it one of the most portable in our range. Engine design gives efficient fuel consumption running costs lower than with equivalent petrol models between 45-50% Eg. 13kg bottle runs for 14 ½ hrs at 5000 rpm.

No winterising of the engine, no flooding of engine risks, no pouring of fuel into containers and contamination of fuel issues. Simple controls and low noise and vibration levels, along with Orca Outboards reliability promise make this an obvious choice.

Also, new to the Orca range is the 58lbs Electric Outboard. The Orca Electric Outboard 58 LBS is the perfect electric motor for our range of SIBS. Perfect for driving our 230, 250 and 275 inflatable boats. The 58 lbs electric motor is equipped with a flexible telescopic tiller with 5 forward and 3 reverse gears. Perfect for families wanting to get on the water easily and cheaply. SIB’s, Dinghy’s, Tenders or anything else that needs a small outboard engine.

For more information click here

We also sell all our boats and engines as packages to grab yourself an even better deal.

Range of Equipment for all your boating needs

As well as our outboard engines and boats we will also be taking down with us the some of our best-selling products from our extensive range of boating & watersports equipment.

FASTen – Universal Mounting System by Borkia

Borika are a specialist thermoplastic moulding company with extensive experience within the marine industry. The Borika Fasten System has been designed and developed for boat owners over the last 15 years.

The Fasten System can be applied on small inflatable boats, GRP sports boats and ocean-going yachts. The Borika Fasten System comprises a wide variety of quality deck, tube and rail mounts holding a wide range of equipment. Whether you are a fisherman or simply a recreational boat owner there is something in the Fasten range for you!

The Fasten mounts can hold fishing rod holders to cameras, from navigational lights to fish finders, and mobile phones to anchor locks and cleats. No surprise that Boatworld has teamed up with Borika Fasten to bring this great selection of kit to you in the UK. Find out for yourself how this innovative Borika FASTen range can improve your whole boating experience by visiting us on stand FO15 at the Southampton Boatshow!

To view the whole range and get more information click here

August Race Marine Boat Valeting Products

Industry leaders in the boat valeting products for all types of boats. Whether that be inflatable, ribs, powerboats and yachts. You can even use their products for cleaning up your kayaks or sups. Ranging from Boat Wash to Boat bombs they produce anything which you might possibly need to get your boat looking fresh. We will have the whole range at the Southampton Boatshow on a dedicated August Race pop-up stand.

To view all the range and get more information click here

August Race

Vortex & Vortex Duo

Our in-house range of towables are the perfect inflatable toys for those wanting loads of fun on the water. They may be the simpler of towable designs but trust us when we say sometimes simple is the most fun.

Vortex TowableVortex Duo Towable
1 person2 person
More InfoMore Info


Blu Thu – Engine Salt Flush Kits (from £19.95)

Make your engine like new with Salt Bustin’ Blu Thru!! Blu Thru is a safe and fast salt removal system that improves marine engine cooling performance by removing built-up salt residue reducing corrosion in cooling chambers and heat risers, thus extending the life of your engine!! Suitable for inboards, sterndrives, outboards and jet skis.

For more information click here

Blu Thru Total Salt Removal System Marine Flush Kit

ZUP YouGo Watersports Board (£199.95)

With the ZUP You Go Board you are moving up slightly in ability and performance from the standard ZUP Watersports Board. Without the foot straps of the standard ZUP board, it is more for the freestyle rider. With the ZUP You Go Board you can lie, kneel, stand, wake surf, rest, do 360’s, ride backwards etc with a little more purpose due to it’s smaller size and built-in fin design!

To view all the range and get more information click here

So if you want any more information about any of the product before the show feels free to give us a ring and one of our team members will answer any questions you might have.

Boatworld Charger Inflatable SUP

Whether you want to tour the coastline, surf, fish, take on some whitewater, or simply a paddling workout, just throw this into the back of the car, or take it on holiday as sports luggage!

At 11ft (335cm) the Boatworld Charger Inflatable SUP is an all-round family board. It looks great with a large colourful EVA deck. This is a large stable board that performs well in small surf. Great also for exploring the coastline, rivers and canals. it will even make a good platform for other activities like fishing and yoga.

To view all the range and get more information click here

See you at the Southampton Boatshow! – For tickets click here

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