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Fasten – The Greatest Accessories For Your Boat

Fasten – The Greatest Accessories For Your Boat

Here at Boatworld, we strive to bring you the best products season after season. This season is no different. We have taken up the UK distributorship for Borika a brand from Ukraine.

Who Are Borika & What is FASTEN?

Borika makes a fantastic range of aftermarket boat accessories for SIBs, RIBs and rigid boats under the name Fasten.  All Fasten products are expertly made in Ukraine and have been honed over many years of experience.

The FASTen series is a carefully thought-out and designed “erector set” of boat accessories, equipment, fittings and attachments for all kinds of watercraft.

Quickly install a variety of accessories such as:

  • Fishfinder
  • Fishing rod
  • Camera
  • GPS
  • Ladder
  • Rail
  • Inflatable stabilizer
  • Anchor lock
  • A-Frames etc

The universal mounts from FASTen are the cornerstone of the series.

The extensive choice of the FASTen mounting pads allows you to fit the universal mount on any surface.  Add it to a rigid or inflatable boat, on a tube or rail or even on the sliding seat attachment. Among the recent developments of BORIKA’s are mounting pads that do not require drilling or glueing a surface.

Create an individual configuration that suits you!







Borika Fasten – Universal Mounts

Fasten Mount 110 x 110mm (Stick-on)

This Borika FASTen mount kit is the ideal base mount for quick and easy installation of the whole range of Borika FASTen® accessories onto an inflatable PVC boat tube.   ( for Hypalon or other materials please check with us).

This Borika mount FMp224 PVC with its large pad is designed to be glued onto your PVC boat tube.
We recommend this is done using a 2 part polyurethane adhesive, as per our own product listing.

Fasten Mount 110 x 110mm









Reinforced Mounting Platform for Solid Boats (Rigid boats)

This Borika FASTen universal base mount set is designed for installation on a hard deck or side of a boat or kayak. It is fixed and held in position using 4 x stainless steel self-tapping screws (included). Once in place, this FASTen base mount will allow you to fix equipment to your vessel using the whole range of Borika boat accessories.

Reinforced Mounting Platform for Solid Boats









Universal Self Adhesive Mount 110 x 110 mm (Stick on)

The Borika FASTen Universal Self Adhesive Mount is perfect for any PVC tubed boat or rigid boat. Easy to fit, no glue or screws !!

Universal Self Adhesive Mount 110 x 110 mm







Exciting Boat Accessories

Fishing rod holder

The Borika FASTen Rod Holder Kit is a high-quality product and great value for money. With its adjustable base, it will hold your fishing rod firmly in any position you choose. This kit is complete with the FASTen base mount to stick to your inflatable PVC tube.

  • Rotating collar helps reduce ‘strike-theft’
  • Rear gimble lock reduces rod rotation for compatible rods; lift to slide rods through
  • Fully adjustable 360° around, over 90° vertical
  • Easy access to reel when in position
  • Square-tooth adjustable tilt stops rotational slipping
  • Black
  • Size 242mm x 150mm x 200mm

Fishing Rod Holder only

Fishing rod holder and mount








Fishfinder Mount with Transducer Attachment

This Borika Fishfinder Mount with Transducer Mount Kit is designed to be installed anywhere you want it off the inflatable tube of your boat. The adjustments on the link arms gives you multiple options on the angle and depth of the transducer. For example, it can be mounted in such a way that when in collision with an underwater object the transducer arm will simply deflect away, protecting the transducer from serious damage.

The set includes:

  • Adjustable transducer arm mount
  • Adjustable link tube to the boat
  • Platform to attach your fishfinder onto again with an adjustable arm
  • FASTen base mount to attach the whole assembly to the boat (for a PVC tube).

Fishfinder mount with Transducer Attachment









Inflatable boat A-Frame Kit

The Borika A-Frame Kit can be used to attach a whole array of equipment to (eg lights, rods, flag, camera etc), helping to keep some kit outside of the boat and de-clutter.

I can also be used as a handrail, awning holder, etc. It is constructed from aluminium tubing and polyamide swivel, tilt mouldings with angled support arms.

The feet of the A-Frame attach to the boat using 4 x FASTen base mounts (not included). The A-Frame comes complete with 2 x FASTen mounts on the tubing for quick installation of various bits of equipment. These 2 mounts can be moved wherever you need them on the tubing. Apart from mounting a range of equipment on it, it acts as a great support when standing in the boat and it looks great !!

  • Black
  • 2 universal FMr132 Borika accessory mounts on the frame

2 Sizes

Anchor Lock with Tilt

This fits into the universal FASTen® mount and is ideal for dropping and raising an anchor. It is suitable for up to 35 mm wide straps and 10 мм ropes, anchor weight up to 8kg max. The tilt feature allows you to adjust the anchor lock angle to suit. The locking mechanism holds the anchor in a raised position without having to tie your anchor line off.

182mm x 81mm x 52mm



Anchor Lock with Tilt

Different types of anchor locks are available








Borika Fasten & Lonako Portable White Navigation Light

This LONAKO White warning light is an ideal compact multipurpose light for a small vessel. 

The lithium batteries inside this light unit are recharged by solar during daylight and it can be switched onto a flashing light mode depending on conditions. The different functions can be selected using a switch on the light unit or using the remote control fob that comes with it.

This light can be mounted on the Borika Lf1100 telescopic pole or the Lf001 holder, both of which fit into the Borika FASTen universal base mount.

LONAKO lights are used worldwide on small ships, yachts, fish boats, life jackets etc

70mm x 114mm x 114mm

Lonako Portable White Navigation Light







What are you waiting for?

This article has only touched the surface of all the fantastic accessories that Fasten offer. These mounts are universal for all inflatable/rigid boats and can make your fishing trips or general boating a much more enjoyable experience.

Please get in contact if you have any questions about fitment or any of the accessories we sell.


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