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Boatworld 330 SL Small Inflatable Boat

Boatworld 330 SL Small Inflatable Boat

Boatworld 330 SL Small Inflatable Boat

Introducing the new Boatworld 330 SL Small Inflatable Boat. In this blog, we will be discussing the many features of the boat as well as what engines would work best.

The most affordable 330 boats in the Boatworld range as well as on the internet. Our price and quality will not be beaten. This boat measures in at L 3.30m with a beam 1.52cm. The tubes consist of 3 air chambers covered in 0.7mm Dynex 3 layer PVC. The diameter of the tubes is 42cm, giving you a stable and comfortable ride wherever the water takes you.

What’s in the Boatworld 330 SL Small Inflatable Boat Box?

What’s in the box? Everything a boater needs to have a great day out on the water except an engine. On opening the box you will find 5 marine ply floor slats, sliding Aluminium seats, Aluminium oars and rowlocks, foot pump, carry bag and a repair kit. For a top tip from a member of the
Boatworld team use a bravo Sup pump to inflate your boat in minutes with the least amount of effort.

All the kit you get and need for the Boatworld 330 small inflatable boat fit into an over the shoulder carry bag for maximum manoeuvrability. Along with all the bits that come with the boat you also get a bow grab handle, 2x transom grab handles and sponsom grab ropes for easier carrying to the water. Only available in Vivid Yellow.

Boatworld 330 in Vivid Yellow

What can I use my 330 SL for?

With so many great features included with our boat, there are a number of uses.

This boat with its small size makes the perfect yacht tender if coupled with a Davitt kit or can be towed behind a yacht.

Perfect for 3 or 4 friends to spend the day fishing with enough room to hold a beer cooler.

Great for just pootling around on local waterways, lakes or on the sea just off the beach.


What engine can I use on my 330 SL?

1.2hp 4-stroke outboard engine
Firstly let’s talk about the smallest horsepower engine we offer. This little 1.2 hp is a copy of a Honda which means you get the reliability as well as a cheap price. All our engines are PdI’d and come with the correct amount of oil to get you going all you need to do is add petrol pull the recoil cord and away you go. This 1.2 would push you along nicely at anywhere between 3-5 knots. you won’t be winning any power boat races but it will slowly get you to where you need to be.


Boatworld 1.2 HP 4 stroke outboard engine
1.2 HP Outboard

Honda 2.3hp 4-stroke outboard engine
This Honda 2.3hp outboard is incredibly easy to carry and use. With a dry weight of just 13.5kg, it’s as light, compact and practical as you’d expect a tender engine to be, but with one big difference – it’s a four- stroke, the only 2hp outboard that is.

Say goodbye to two-stroke noise, smell and poor fuel consumption. And, because it’s a Honda, you can guarantee we didn’t compromise quality to reduce weight.

The BF2.3 is also the world’s first 2hp engine to come with a throttle grip on the tiller handle, allowing forward movement and neutral selection at the flick of a wrist. It is incredibly easy to use, with 360-degree rotation and simple one-handed operation.

This variant is the Short Shaft Model, Recoil Start, Tiller Handle, F-N Gears, Twist Throttle, 360° Pivot.

The BF2.3 runs on standard unleaded fuel from a 1-litre integral fuel tank which will run the engine for up to 55 minutes at full throttle.

All Honda Engines come with a 6 Year Warranty.

PDI’d and tested by our local engineer.

Boatworld UK honda Dealer
Honda BF2.3

Honda 5 HP 4 Stroke Short Shaft Outboard Engine

The BF5 SHNU has been refined, re-engineered and comprehensively tested to ensure the highest possible levels of reliability, performance, comfort and enjoyment.Not only are the new BF engines among the lightest in their class, they have an ergonomically designed handle to make them easy to carry. The Tiller handle can also be folded to make them as compact as possible to aid storage. If you are looking for an easy start engine, you will be really pleased with the new Honda decompression mechanism, anyone can start these outboards with the minimum of effort. The new engines gather all our experience to make sure you have the most comfortable ride. What’s more, they have very low vibration, low noise and high reliability. This engine would propel your Boatworld 330 SL along nicely.

Boatworld UK Honda Dealer
Honda BF5 Right View

For more Honda engine choices click this link. Honda Marine

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