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The Benefits of Mainsail Boom Cover

The Benefits of Mainsail Boom Cover

It is coming to that time of year again when you have to pack away all your boating equipment and moor your boat up for the winter months. During the winter months, it is important you have the correct cover to protect your investment during our harshest weather. This blog will explain the features of the Boatworld Mainsail Boom Cover and the benefits of protecting your boat correctly.

Mainsails in the summer months tend to spend most of there time furled up in a corner, being forgotten about. In the summer months, when the boat is not in use for a couple of days you may not want to bother putting it on but during the winter it is a must. However, a mainsail cover should be protecting your sail whenever your boat is not in use no matter the month. A well-fitted mainsail cover is the key to a sails longevity.

Types of Mainsails

Lots of boats will need mainsail covers to be made specifically for that boat.  Here at Boatworld, we do offer a couple of off the shelf mainsail sizes.

We offer:

Unfortunately, we do not offer custom, made to measure design. Instead we sell the most popular sizes.

Specifics of the Boatworld Mainsail Boom Cover

  • The Boatworld Boom Mainsail Cover is made of 100% polyester premium cloth which is also PU backed.  This means the cover is waterproof.
  • The cover has a full-height, sewn-in zipper at the mast end, with a tie-up at the top. This ensures a tight fit and reduces flapping.
  • 6 webbing tie-down velcro loop straps for wrapping around the length of the boom.
  • Our Boom Covers are all Royal Blue. Boatworld sell covers all over the world and we are extremely happy with the quality of the product, especially for the price. If you were to get a similar cover made specifically for you, would be looking at, at least £200.

Boatworld Boom Mainsail Cover

How to measure for a boom cover

Measuring for a boom cover is easy once you know how to do it.  The diagram below shows a simple way to make sure you always measure your boom correctly. (This diagram is for our 9-10foot Boom Cover)

What happens to your sails without a Mainsail Cover

This is what will happen to your sail if you do not have a boom cover. Chaffing and rubbing from the wind will damage your sails and you will have to either fork out for a costly repair or buy a new sail.

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